What length manuscripts do you accept?
If it’s good, we want it, regardless of length. That being said, size does matter. We generally prefer novel-length manuscripts between 65,000-120,000 words, though we will consider novellas or longer novels with a complex narrative. We do not publish short stories; however, we do produce anthologies with a variety of themes. Check our Special Calls for information on anthologies currently being prepared.

What genres do you publish?
If mainstream publishing identifies it as “genre fiction,” it’s probably in our wheelhouse. Check out the list of genres we accept on the Submissions page, and if you’re still not sure, ask.

Are any topics on your banned list?
We’re not going to lie to you. Some topics are harder sells than others. For instance, the market is currently at peak vampire saturation, so it’s harder to get excited about vampires than about, say, Latvian steampunk witches. But we also know the market goes in cycles, and there will come a day when we will be sick to death of steampunk witches and just want to read about some angsty bloodsucker. And so, we repeat: if it’s good, we want it.

There are exceptions to this rule. We do not accept anything that gratuitously depicts non-consensual sex, including bestiality and pedophilia. But we’re convinced our authors are all thoughtful, clever people who could have figured that out on their own.

Do you accept series books?
Yes. A whole lot of yes, actually.

Do you accept previously published books?
If you own the digital rights, we will happily consider previously published works.

How do I submit my manuscript?
Email your complete manuscript in either .doc, .docx, .pages, or .rtf format to submissions@redqueenpress.com. Include a 1-2 page summary of the plot, major characters and their development, and dominant themes. In the body of your email, include the word count, genre, and a brief plot summary.

When will I receive a response?
You will receive a confirmation email soon after submitting your manuscript. We know most people hate waiting, so we will read and respond to your submission as quickly as possible. Expect to hear back within six weeks.

My book is pretty awesome. Why should I go with Red Queen Press instead of one of the bigger e-publishing companies?
Because we are pretty awesome, too. We provide all the same services as the big guys–editing, advertising and other promotion, cover design, page layout, distribution–and offer a better deal to our authors.

I am intrigued. Tell me more about this better deal.
We believe that the author is the most important person in the publishing process, and our royalty percentage reflects that belief. At this time, we do not provide an advance, but our authors earn 60% of all net revenues, regardless of whether the book is purchased from our site or a third-party retailer such as Amazon. And when we say net revenues, we mean exactly that. Whatever net revenue comes from book sales, authors receive 60% of that. We wouldn’t even think to ask you to cover advertising or design, and we will never offer your book at a sale price without checking with you first. It’s one of the best deals in the current e-publishing market.

What, exactly, do I need to sign away to get this fabulous deal?
Our contract covers four years of digital and print-on-demand rights. When the contract expires, it will automatically be extended until the author chooses to opt out.

What happens after I sign?
You’ll be provided with a managing editor and copy editor. These people will become your new best friends, working hard to ensure the best version of your book is published and marketed to as many readers as possible. In addition, our art department will descend from their Parisian atelier* to work on your cover and page design.

*Not really

Can I provide my own artwork?
You can, but we may edit it or choose not to use it altogether. Our art department is pretty kick-ass, if we do say so ourselves, and will produce an exceptional cover for your book. Authors provide feedback and are involved in the design process, but all final design decisions are made by Red Queen Press.

If you would like more information, please select the relevant department from our Contact form and shoot your questions our way.